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RateGenie is your 24/7 financial concierge that connects you to a network of top loan officers, financial advisors and insurance advisors. Our goal is to provide you both a high tech and high touch experience.


I was "sold" a mortgage product that was not in my best interest after a recommendation from a realtor. I created RateGenie to eliminate the risk of being matched with a bad rate or a bad expert.

Raymond L. Schwartz III
RateGenie Founder

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What Separates RateGenie from other sites?

  • Rigorously pre-vet every expert prior to acceptance
  • RateGenie Matches you to only 1 expert who is best suited for you.
  • 24/7 access to RateGenie Facebook Messenger Chat & connect to a local expert.
  • RateGenie matches you to a local expert who has the best rates and reviews.
Traditional Loan Shopping
  • Hoping your brother-in-law refers you to a reputable pro who of course is his friend.
  • Give info to get a quote, then get called by 10 companies 10 times a day for 6 months
  • If you have a question, get handed off to the best available call center employee.
  • Pass you off to anyone willing to pay for the leads.

“When I requested loan rates from other sources I was contacted by several different lenders.  However, they all took several weeks to get me approved and those rates didn’t come close to the favorable rate I got with a Rate Genie loan officer”

Megin - Fulton, MD

“I tried so many other online sources to get a mortgage quote.  I was bombarded by several different lenders all in the same week and they weren’t very helpful.  I tried RateGenie and was connected with 1 expert. She got me a quote immediately and I was approved."

Kate - Sparta, NJ

“I’ve tried online sources like this for a number of different industries including looking for my house.  I got this process done so fast that I actually had to hurry up and move sooner than I thought I would because it was too good of an opportunity to pass”

Joe F. - Charleston, SC

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We do not partner with anyone that can simply write a check. The goal of RateGenie is to provide you the consumer; with access to the best companies, rates and advice in America. Our network represents the top 5% of loan officers and financial pro's nationwide.

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